mardi 28 août 2012


Bonjour à tous et toutes... Puisque je suis de nouveau à la recherche d'emploi, je mets ici à jour une liste de mes accomplissements professionels dans l'industrie des jeux vidéo de Montréal.

Hello to you all... Since I am once again looking for employement, I updated here a short list of my professional accomplishements in the video game industry here in Montreal.

Passez une excellente journée! // Have a Nice day!!
-=Hugo D Hawk X=-

---The Secret World (MMO) -Funcom- (Cinematic Designer)---
About 90 other examples availlable in Blu-ray HD Quality
The Secret World Review by Gametrailers
Said Mission Cinematic
Zaha Mission Cinematic
New Game Intro Cinematics
Kirsten Geary "Illuminati" Cinematic
Cucuvea Mission Cinematic
The Dimirs Mission Cinematic
---Direct Download 720p---
Lisa Hui Mission Cinematic
Insane Survivalist Tiny Cutscene
Arun Mission Cinematic
Amir Mission Cinematic
Abdel Story Cinematic

---Virals Video "Real Life" Trailers compositing from Army of Two 2 -EA- (Video Editor)---
Viral Launch
UK London
UK - Extra - Blake
UK - Extra - Kara

---Trailers and Ingame CG Cinematics for Army of Two -EA- (Video Editor)---
Army of Two : Opening Cinematic
Army of Two : Back to Iraq Cinematic
Army of Two : Teamwork Trailer
Army of Two : Tactics Trailer
Army of Two : Coop Trailer 2
SSC Challenge Army of Two DLC Trailer

---Other Trailers and Work done at EA-Montreal (Video Editor)---
How it's made : Video Games
Comment c'est fait : Les Jeux Vidéo
Spore Wii - E3 Trailer and Game Intro Cinematic
Boogie Superstar Intro cinematic
Need for Speed Nitro (Wii) Intro Cinematic
Need for Speed Nitro Trailers (all the city trailers made from ingame assets)
Montreal Place Ville Marie "FREEZE" with EA employees

---Other personal project before starting in the Video Game Industry---
Stepmania (DDR PC Clone) on pc keyboard -- Why I type so fast now
Me, Skydiving at 13000 feets -- 1er saut en parachute à 4000 mêtres
Very First Video Editing done more than 10 years ago (Warning : WWE very graphic)

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